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Code of Ethics
Business Conduct

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The Salus Group of Companies
1101 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC, 20004

The Salus Group strives to apply the highest legal, moral and ethical principles in every aspect of business conduct.

At its core, the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct expresses the fundamental values that must drive our behavior. Living by a set of core values guides the way we treat each other and how we make business decisions. These shared values are vital to earning and maintaining trust with and respect from our co-workers, customers, stakeholders, government officials and the public at large. We regard the quality of the services we provide our customers and our integrity in our business dealings among our most valuable assets.

Legal, moral and ethical behavior is a cornerstone to our Company’s foundation and it remains a vital part of our corporate culture and the way we do business. I thank you in advance for your part in maintaining our high legal, moral and ethical standards.

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James M. Jacobson Jr
Chief Executive Officer
The Salus Group of Companies